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The Volusia County Sheriff's Office Civil Section is charged with the statutory responsibility of serving and returning the judicial process and enforcing judgments and orders that originate from the Supreme Court, Circuit Courts, County Courts, and Board of County Commissioners.  Each year, the Civil Section's deputies, supervisors, and office staff work together to process and execute more than 90,000 individual writs.

A detailed case management system enables the Civil Section, employees to effectively and efficiently administer process serving and execution of civil writs.  Domestic Violence Injunctions, Notice of Evictions, Subpoenas, Writs of Execution and Distress Writs are examples of the types of process this section serves.  The overall effectiveness of the judicial system is dependent upon this section's efficient and expeditious service of these as well as many other types of civil process.

How to arrange for service
You can arrange for service from the Volusia County Sheriff's Office by calling the Civil Section at:
(386) 254-4660, Daytona
(386) 822-5014, DeLand
(386) 860-7037, Deltona
(386) 423-3386, New Smyrna Beach

Any and all documents to be served should be delivered to the Civil Section office nearest to the location where the process is to be served.  The Civil Offices are open Monday thru Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and are located at the following addresses:

  • 442 South Beach St.
    Daytona Beach, FL 32114
  • 101 North Alabama, Basement
    DeLand, FL 32721
  • 1691 Providence Blvd.
    Deltona, FL  32725
  • 101 East Canal Street, Upstairs
    New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168

The mailing address is:
Volusia County Sheriff's Office
Civil Section
P.O. Box 2658
Daytona Beach, FL 32115

Please Note:   We serve all papers pursuant to Florida Statutes.  We make our return on our computerized Return of Service form, and will not complete Out of State affidavits.Please call if you have any questions regarding Out of State Service of Process, or our Return of Service, we will be happy to assist you.

Using Special Process Servers
The Sheriff of Volusia County does not appoint individuals to serve non-enforceable civil process.

Fees for Service
The fees the Volusia County Sheriff's Office Civil Section assesses for docketing and service of process are fixed by Florida Statute 30.231 and are non-refundable.  All checks must be made payable to "Sheriff of Volusia County."  Documents for service not properly issued, or those with incorrect fees or incorrect payee on the check, will be returned.  Fees are required for "alias" or "pluries" process. A copy of the prior return of service, however, must accompany the alias or pluries summons.

Please Note Changes to FSS 30.321 (1)(a)(c)

Effective July 1, 2014 the sheriff’s fee for each summons or writ (not including writs of execution) will be $40 for each individual paper even if more than one summons or writ is issued at the same time out of the same cause of action to be served upon one person or defendant at the same time. This also means that a 5 Day Eviction Summons with a separate 20 Day Summons & Complaint will cost $40 each for a total of $80. 

While the Civil Section serves numerous types of process, the most common of these types and their respective service fees are as follows:

All summons and Subpoenas
$40.00 for each person or entity served

Witness Subpoenas
$40.00 for each subpoena 
+  a check to the witness for fees and mileage  

Out of State Non-Enforceable Process

Injunction for Protection
no charge

Writ of Execution (Levy)
$50.00 levy fee plus $40 docket fee. Please contact the Civil Section for a compete list of fees and cost deposits associated with this writ.

Writ of Replevin
$40.00 service fee
+  $50.00 levy
+  any applicable cost deposits
+  $40.00 per each additional person to be served
Note:  If the replevin of property is expected to exceed 1 hour a standby charge of $35.00 per hour, per deputy is to be paid in advance.  The rate is assessed in hourly increments and any overage will be refunded.

Writ of Possession (Landlord/Tenant or Foreclosure)
$40.00 service fee 
+ $50.00 levy
Note:  If a deputy sheriff is requested to standby for more than 1/2 hour, the request must be made in writing at the time the writ is presented for service, accompanied by the fee for the deputy(s) time.  The fee is $35.00 per hour, per deputy.

Distress Writ (service only)
$40.00 per person served

Writ of Attachment (Bodily)
$40.00 service fee 
+ $50.00 levy

Writ of Attachment (Property)
Note:  Contact the Civil Section for a complete list of fees and cost deposits associated with this type of writ.

Child Custody Orders

Other Fees for Service
Certain types of specialized civil process require additional service fees.  For additional details about the fees listed here, or for information about service fees not mentioned here, contact the Civil Section.

Sheriff's Sales

  • All Sheriff's Sales are held at the locations advertised once per week for four consecutive weeks in the Newspaper.
  • All items are available for viewing thirty minutes prior to the sale, excluding real property.
  • All sales are to the highest bidder cash in hand.
  • There is no time allowed to go to the bank, and only cashiers checks or money orders are acceptable other than United States currency.
  • Plaintiffs may bid the total amount of their judgment interest and costs, without cash in hand, if there are no prior writs.
  • All property sold is subject to all prior taxes, liens, prior judgments and encumbrances, as only the defendant's right, title and interest in the property is sold by the sheriff.
  • In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, persons needing a special accommodation to participate in the preceding should contact the individual or agency sending notice not later than seven days prior to the proceeding at the address given on notice.
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