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April 19, 2018 10:28 am

Andrew Gant
Office of Public Affairs & Media Relations


Two suspects who racked up more than $5,000 in combined charges on stolen bank cards were identified by a Volusia County Sheriff’s Office detective who traced their transactions, found video of each one and got a distinct description of one of the men involved: He had tattoos on each eyelid.

Now 19-year-old Anthony Medina and 44-year-old William Clark, the one with the tattooed eyelids, are facing various charges including fraudulent use of personal ID and fraudulent use of a credit card.

Clark (DOB 2/18/1974), of Orlando, and Medina (DOB 12/3/1998), of Orange City, are father and son.

The April 10 car break happened in the parking lot of the DeBary Public Library at 200 N. Charles R. Beall Blvd. The victim told deputies he came out to his Jeep in the evening to find the driver’s door unlocked and his driver’s license, cash and several bank cards missing. He had left the Jeep parked there in the morning.

By the time he discovered the theft, the victim’s credit cards had been used several times for a total of $5,361.94. Det. Cameron Tucker started tracing those steps, traveling to a Chevron, a Racetrac, a Sunoco, a Walmart, AAA Gun & Pawn, Value Pawn & Jewelry, Cash America, and another Chevron. The purchases included cartons of cigarettes, a DVD player, a laptop and gold chain necklaces.

One employee told Det. Tucker she remembered the transaction, and when the customer took off his sunglasses in the store, she noticed his eyelid tattoos.

Det. Tucker dusted a glass case and mirror at one of the pawn shops for fingerprints, and he obtained video from all the stores on the suspects’ shopping list. After compiling footage of the suspect vehicle and the list of all the stores they visited to make purchases that day, Det. Tucker contacted the Volusia County Crime Center for a search of the License Plate Reader system. Analysts at the Crime Center identified a 2004 Cadillac with Florida tag 614-8UR that had a unique sticker and antenna matching the suspect vehicle’s.

Det. Tucker checked a history of law enforcement contacts with the vehicle, and found a 2017 traffic stop where the occupants were Clark and Medina. When he ran a search for their photos, he discovered the two men matched the suspects on the store surveillance videos. He also couldn’t help but notice Clark’s eyelid tattoos.

Tucker obtained arrest warrants for Medina on charges of fraudulent use of ID and fraudulent use of a credit card, and he was arrested Monday in Seminole County, where he was later released after posting $10,000 bail.

Clark is facing the same charges in addition to a charge of burglary. He remains at large at this time and is believed to be in possession of the silver 2004 Cadillac four-door sedan with Florida tag 614-8UR. His photo and a photo of the vehicle are attached.

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