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Aside arrow UPDATED: Latest Arrest Of 16 Year Old With Stolen Gun Prompts Sheriff Chitwood To Call Juvenile Judges To Action
June 20, 2019 1:02 pm

UPDATE: Two more defendants -- including a juvenile -- have been arrested in a recent spate of car breaks and two stolen firearms were also recovered. Sheriff’s detectives, Crime Suppression Team and SWAT executed a search warrant late Wednesday at 2041 Galveston Ave., Deltona.

Arrested at the residence were Trayvion Stephens, 20, (DOB: 12/11/1998) and John Nelson, 14 (DOB: 8/16/2004). The co-defendants are both from Deltona and are charged with armed burglary of a conveyance and grand theft of a firearm. Nelson is classified as an adjudicated delinquent, which means he is a convicted felon as a juvenile.

Andrew Gant
Office of Public Affairs & Media Relations


A 16-year-old suspect in a string of car breaks ran from Volusia County sheriff’s deputies but was arrested Wednesday night while still carrying a gun stolen from one of the vehicles.

Jeremiah Fuller’s (DOB 2/19/03) arrest on multiple counts of armed burglary, burglary and grand theft firearm prompted Sheriff Mike Chitwood to call on juvenile judges in Volusia County to do more to prevent prolific juvenile offenders from reoffending without significant consequences.

“Our juvenile judges need to stop being friends to these thugs, and start handing down some real consequences for their actions,” Sheriff Chitwood said. “As long as juveniles get off easy for their crimes, we’ll continue to see them pillaging our community over and over. Maybe it will take someone getting killed in a gunpoint robbery before our juvenile court system takes action.”

Fuller (DOB 2/19/03) was arrested around 10 p.m. Wednesday after he left the Blue Tide Apartments at 311 Riverside Drive in Holly Hill. Fuller bolted from members of a VCSO Crime Suppression Team as they approached, and he ran into the road and in front of a moving patrol vehicle. Fuller was hit by the patrol vehicle but had only minor injuries and refused any medical treatment. He was carrying a Glock handgun reported stolen from an unlocked pickup truck in Deltona on June 13.

Fuller is charged with two counts of armed burglary, two counts of grand theft firearm, four counts of burglary of a conveyance, carrying a concealed firearm and possession with intent to sell a synthetic narcotic. Fuller is already on probation for three counts of burglary, committed his first crime at the age of 13 and has been arrested 8 times on felony charges since then.

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