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November 7, 2017 12:20 pm

UPDATE: The alleged victims in this incident, Doug Teixeira and Lindsey Pelton, were arrested today after Volusia County sheriff’s detectives determined they made up a home invasion and shooting that supposedly involved two masked intruders in their Deltona home.

The couple’s stories couldn’t stand up to scrutiny from VCSO detectives who found several inconsistencies in the Oct. 26 incident. The crime scene appeared staged. Although the couple claimed to have been in the shower when the intruders came in, the shower and bath mat were completely dry. There were no signs of forced entry or tire-spin marks outside. The TV was lying on the floor, but it wasn’t damaged in any way, which would seem logical had it been knocked to the ground. There were signs that someone had tried to clean up some bloody footprints in the house. And there was a black hat that contained a sock that contained .22 caliber bullets – the same size round used in the shooting. It appeared someone had attempted to hide them.

Surveillance footage in the area revealed no sign of any vehicles stopping near the house, other than a school bus. There were no signs of any suspects coming to or going from the house.

Teixeira (age 35, DOB 10/12/1982) told detectives a small safe was stolen during the incident, and that it contained about $7,000 and jewelry. However, after conducting interviews with family members, detectives learned Teixeira and Pelton (age 36, DOB 12/1/1980) had no money, and Pelton’s father was paying their living expenses.

The defendants’ stories changed multiple times, including an account that the shooting was accidental, and that Teixeira had disposed of the gun. But it was clear that no home invasion happened. Based on the evidence gathered and interviews conducted during the investigation, detectives believe money was the motivation for Teixeira’s and Pelton’s elaborate, fabricated account of the home invasion, and that they hoped to recover a cash settlement from the property management company that manages their home. The defendants contacted a personal injury law firm immediately after their release from the hospital. The claim of several thousands of dollars missing from a phantom safe was also determined to be unfounded.

Teixeira and Pelton were each charged with providing false information to law enforcement, a misdemeanor charge. Teixeira was charged with an additional count of destroying/tampering with evidence.

The original Oct. 26 news release is below:

Laura Williams
Office of Public Affairs & Media Relations


A husband and wife who just moved into their rented home a month ago were shot Thursday afternoon inside 1424 Hayward Ave., Deltona, victims of an apparent home invasion.

The couple told deputies two men entered their home through a back sliding glass door. After a brief exchange with the suspects, the husband was shot in the leg and the wife was shot in the arm. The suspects then fled in an unknown vehicle.

The victims were transported to Central Florida Regional Hospital by ambulance with injuries that aren’t considered life-threatening. They were in stable condition later Thursday.

Deputies were called to the scene at 2:38 p.m. after receiving a report that a person had been shot. It’s not clear yet whether the men forced their way inside. Detectives are still trying to determine why the shootings occurred, but the investigation so far indicates the break-in was targeted and not random.

The couple’s children were away at school during the incident. The investigation is ongoing, no further details are being released at this time, and more information will be provided when it becomes available.

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