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May 4, 2018 3:42 pm

Laura Williams, Office of Media Relations & Public Affairs

VCSO Targets Open Warrants, Drugs in Special Deltona Crime Operation

Sheriff’s deputies and narcotics detectives conducted a special crime suppression operation Thursday in Deltona where they attempted to serve 185 open arrest warrants -- dating back at least a decade -- and targeted drug activities.

During the eight-hour operation, four teams were each assigned to a portion of District 4: Their mission was to arrest suspects wanted on outstanding warrants of all kinds. Though the warrant roundup resulted in seven arrests and numerous citations, it’s still considered a success because attempts were made on every active warrant in the Deltona area.

“This operation was part of our ongoing work to proactively target and reduce criminal and drug activity in the district, which includes Volusia County’s largest city – Deltona,” Sheriff Mike Chitwood said. “This kind of effort is very important and I appreciate all the hard work of my deputies and their great effort.”

Those arrested Thursday on open warrants include:

  • Rashika S. Pinkney, B/F, DOB: 10-03-1988; (1 Felony, 1 Misd warrant) Failure to Appear for failure to return lease equipment / FTA Driving With License Suspended;
  • Markie D. May, B/M, DOB: 01-12-1982; WOBA – Child Support;
  • April D. Durkee, W/F, DOB: 09-22-1985; (Felony) In State Fugitive - Aggravated Battery Deadly Weapon Bodily Harm;
  • Mark R. Zirkellbach, W/M, DOB: 05-19-1960; FTA – Refuse to Accept Cite;
  • Jennifer M. Jordan, W/F, DOB: 06-15-1987; FTA DWLS;
  • Dane M. Hager, W/M, DOB: 10-12-1987; (2 Felony warrants) In State Fugitive – Felony Batt / Violation Injunction for Protection Against DV;
  • Jeffrey R. Rizzuto, W/M, DOB: 09-16-1994; FTA – DWLS

One narcotics arrest:

  • Christopher A. Zapata, W/M, DOB: 08-12-1991; Possession under 20 grams

Thursday’s operation in Deltona comes on the heels of the Florida Sheriff’s Association’s statewide “Operation Spring Cleaning,” a seven-month initiative to investigate and arrest those who are manufacturing, delivering or trafficking controlled substances. It began Oct. 1, 2017, and ended April 30, 2018.

Thirty-five counties participated in the effort, including Volusia County. Statewide, 4,988 people were arrested for trafficking or selling and delivering controlled substances. Nearly 12.5 million grams of controlled substances were confiscated and 1,679 firearms were seized.

“What’s important to note is that the Florida sheriffs have zero tolerance when it comes to drug sales,” Sheriff Mike Chitwood said. “This is an example of what you’re seeing in our small portion of the state. …  During Operation Spring Cleaning, we had 74 people arrested, 54 guns seized. Included in that group is the single biggest distributor for heroin and fentanyl in Volusia County. In particular, the city of Deltona. With 90,000 residents, one of those rings is responsible for dealing out death.”

In Volusia County as part of Operation Spring Cleaning:

  • Cocaine: 2,680 grams confiscated;
  • Heroin/Fentanyl: 3,160g confiscated;
  • Opioid Pills: 1,416g
  • Marijuana: 10,2258g
  • Methamphetamine: 1,882g
  • Synthetic Cathinones: 88g

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