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February 16, 2017 12:30 pm

Gary Davidson
Public Information Officer


Vowing to make the agency a more effective and efficient crime-fighting force, Sheriff Mike Chitwood rolled out a plan this week to streamline the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office and realign the duties of his management team. Coupled with other recent changes that combined two patrol districts and consolidated all of the Sheriff’s Office’s investigative services under a single command, Sheriff Chitwood said the moves will position the agency to more effectively respond to the needs of residents. “Delivering the best possible law enforcement services to the community is at the heart of every change we’re making and everything that we do,” said Sheriff Chitwood, who took office on Jan. 1. “Our total focus is on being responsive to the citizens who rely on us for their safety and protection.”

Last month, Sheriff Chitwood reorganized the Investigative Services Section to put all detectives in the agency under a single, unified command headed up by Captain Paul Kammerer. And the agency’s two East Volusia-based districts -- each one previously supervised by a captain -- were merged under the supervision of one commander, Captain Charlie Brown. On Wednesday, the Sheriff announced that effective Feb. 27, the rank of major is being eliminated. The three current majors -- Paul Adkins, Chico Mandizha and Shane Summers -- are being reclassified to the rank of captain. As part of the restructuring, Adkins is being reassigned to Night Commander, Mandizha is being reassigned to Communications and Summers will be one of two administrative captains assigned to the Chief Deputy’s office to help oversee the agency’s operating divisions. In yet another personnel move, Captain Brian Bosco has been reassigned to head of the Sheriff’s Office’s training section. “All of these changes will help simplify the command structure and put our resources where they’re most needed,” said Sheriff Chitwood.

The changes announced this week are among several that the Sheriff has instituted during the first 45 days of his administration to better equip deputies and improve services and communication. The highlights include (see attachment for a full list):

  • Established a strategic planning committee to involve employees in helping to chart the agency’s future course and direction.
  • Created a juvenile services director program to enhance efforts to identify and combat juvenile crime.
  • Initiated plans to revamp and expand the Police Athletic League program.
  • Created two Crime Suppression Teams to cover both sides of the county.
  • Deployed additional less-lethal shotguns to deputies in the field.
  • Equipping all districts with shields and rams/entry tools.
  • Began piloting a new system for electronic search warrants.
  • Initiated planning for implementation of the CompStat program.

Also, at the Sheriff’s direction, applications for new deputies are now being accepted year-round instead of only when the Sheriff’s Office is getting ready to fill positions. “Our team has accomplished a great deal in the first forty five days,” said Sheriff Chitwood. “The Sheriff’s Office is an excellent organization filled with extremely dedicated and professional employees. I’m very excited about the direction we’re headed and look forward to continuing to refine our operations for the betterment of the citizens we serve.”

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