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April 1, 2017 11:50 am

Gary Davidson
Public Information Officer


Instead of the sexual hook-ups they were expecting, five men trolling a local park found themselves on the wrong end of the law when they were caught during an undercover police sting exposing themselves in public.

Friday’s operation at Lake Beresford Park west of DeLand was conducted by the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office’s West Volusia Crime Suppression Team in response to reports of men openly engaging in lewd activity at the park. The activity seemed to cluster around the multi-purpose trail and adjacent wooded areas, and so that’s where the Sheriff’s Office posted undercover male deputies on Friday. And it didn’t take long for the men to approach an undercover deputy and strike up a conversation. Before long each one of them exposed themselves to a plain-clothes deputy and began masturbating, resulting in a charge of indecent exposure. After exposing himself, one of the defendants asked the undercover deputy: “You going to get yours out?” Another asked: “Can I see yours?” And yet another leaned in and hugged the deputy before exposing himself, kissed the deputy on the side of the neck and then squeezed his butt. Those actions earned the defendant an added charge of battery.

The defendants, who were transported to the Volusia County Branch Jail in Daytona Beach, are as follows:

  • John Brunell, age 53 (DOB: 1/21/64), DeLand
  • Nicholas Drouin, age 64 (DOB: 10/25/52), DeLand
  • Ronald Katrek, age 65 (DOB: 9/5/51), DeBary
  • Richard Lovely, age 67 (DOB: 9/16/49), Orange City
  • Jose Santiago Arias, age 36 (DOB: 8/17/80), DeLand

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