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Aside arrow As Biketoberfest Begins, Yearlong Motorcycle Safety Initiative Underway In Volusia County
October 17, 2018 12:16 pm

Andrew Gant
Office of Public Affairs & Media Relations


The Volusia County Sheriff’s Office is launching a year-long motorcycle safety operation designed to reduce motorcycle crashes and fatalities in Volusia County, with funding from a $30,000 grant from the Florida Department of Transportation.

Volusia County is home to major motorcycle events like Biketoberfest (ramping up this week, through Sunday) and Bike Week (March 8 to March 17, 2019). The area sees an increase in motor vehicle crashes during each of these special events. Last year, there were 1,335 motor vehicle crashes reported during the month of October, and 1,621 reported in March.

In Volusia County, there were 586 motorcycle-involved crashes with injuries and 33 with fatalities in 2017.

The FDOT grant period lasts through Sept. 30, 2019, and the funding will cover overtime costs for deputies conducting enhanced safety operations. These deputies will be running extra operations during Biketoberfest and Bikeweek, but the safety effort will continue year-round, with a minimum of 70 operations planned.

The Sheriff’s Office asks all Volusia County residents and visitors who ride motorcycles to keep safety in mind all the time – and especially during our special events, when the roads are busy.

We also ask all motorists in all types of vehicles to share the road and make an extra effort to be conscious of motorcycles. Take an extra few seconds to look twice for motorcycles before you change lanes or make a turn that might put you into someone else’s path. Keep this in mind always – but especially as more bikers are on the roads in Volusia County this week!

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