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August 29, 2015 9:00 am

August 29, 2015

A flag thief is still at large in Volusia County, but his handiwork was thwarted by an act of kindness.

By Saul Saenz, Volusia County Reporter
Saturday, August 29, 2015, 9:43 PM 

Volusia County Deputy Morris Froscher is on the lookout for someone who stole four American flags within a 10-day span from homeowners in a DeLand neighborhood.

One of those stolen flags was flying outside Michele LoPresti's home.

"Heartbreaking because it's a memorial for my dad in memory of his service in World War II. So it was heartbreaking to see that it was desecrated that way," said Michele LoPresti.

"You got men and women in harm's way right now defending our flag. So this is not something you like hearing about," said Froscher.

Froscher was a Marine for 20 years and says he has a deep respect for the stars and stripes.

So he dug into his pockets, went to a couple of stores and bought those four flags with his own money.

He did something that moved LoPresti so much, she had to capture it on her cell phone camera.

LoPresti's video shows Deputy Froscher ceremoniously raising the flag for a fallen service member. He stepped to the side, then stood at attention and saluted the flag.

"I was touched. I thought of my dad and I thought he would be smiling down from heaven and he would be touched too," said LoPresti.

"This country is a great country and they know we have great men and women defending it, and their flag is where it belongs -- proudly displayed in their homes," said Froscher.

Froscher raised the flag in all four homes.

LoPresti says it has renewed her hope in the men and women wearing the shield.

"I just want people to see that are good things that police still do for people, that for every bad thing that happens, there's a thousand things that they do," said LoPresti.


CFNEWS13/August 29, 2015

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