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May 2, 2018 5:09 pm

Laura Williams
Office of Media Relations & Public Affairs  


Twenty-one suspects living at a community at 711 Sunset Ave., Orange City, were rounded up early Tuesday as part of “Operation The Sun Has Set.” Most were arrested on narcotics charges after two search warrants were executed by detectives with the West Volusia Narcotics Task Force.

The months-long investigation at the property, known as CJ’s Nursery, began after complaints, tips and anonymous phone calls to the task force detailing ongoing drug activity there. Two search warrants were executed early Tuesday at a two-story residence and a second home on the property, with the assistance of officers from these units: Sheriff’s Office SWAT, East Volusia Narcotics Task Force, VCSO Districts 2 and 6 Criminal Investigations Divisions, Deltona Narcotics Enforcement Team and the Orange City Police Department. The second warrant was secured after further investigation led detectives to the second home and probable cause that people in the residence were also involved in drug activity and harboring fugitives.

Out of 27 people found on the property, 21 were arrested. The homeowner/property owner, Charles Mascaro, (DOB: 01/16/56), lives on the property. He was charged with possession of cocaine, possession of meth with intent to distribute and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Here are the remaining defendants and their charges:

  • Robert Blane Pursley    (DOB: 01-17-86)           Poss of Heroin , Poss of drug paraphernalia
  • Steven Dobos               (DOB: 02-07-68)           Driving While License Suspended WARRANT
  • Jason Allen Belcher      (DOB: 09-11-85)            VOP-Grand Theft / Poss of drug paraphernalia     
  • Clayton Leach               (DOB: 12-01-76)            Poss of meth, Poss of drug paraphernalia
  • Alicia Thomas               (DOB: 02-01-78)            Poss of drug paraphernalia
  • Nicole Doyle                 (DOB: 12-17-92)            VOP WARRANT-Poss of heroin,
                                                                          Sale of meth WARRANT, poss of drug
  • MaryBeth Abello           (DOB: 11-14-80)            Poss of drug paraphernalia
  • Lauren Boals                (DOB: 12-14-78)            Poss of meth, Poss of cocaine,
                                                                         Poss of drug paraphernalia
  • John Hall III                  (DOB: 01-29-74)            Sale of meth WARRANT
  • Gene Cutlip                  (DOB: 09-23-80)            Littering over 500 lbs
  • Cheryl Small                 (DOB: 11-05-68)            Poss of meth, Poss of drug paraphernalia
  • Marlon Stafford             (DOB: 08-26-73)            Writ of bodily possession
  • Sabrina Trefren             (DOB: 05-02-77)            Poss of drug paraphernalia
  • Stephanie Mack            (DOB: 05-04-82)            Poss of drug paraphernalia     
  • Crystal Shaffer              (DOB: 04-01-82)            Poss of meth, Poss of drug paraphernalia
  • Tracie Powers               (DOB:10-30-74)             Poss of meth, Poss of drug paraphernalia
  • Sherry Readore             (DOB: 08-11-71)            Poss of meth, Poss of drug paraphernalia
  • Matthew Kunzig             (DOB: 08-12-68)            Poss of Cocaine, Poss of paraphernalia     
  • Craig Ralls                    (DOB: 12-11-68)            VOP and Poss. of heroin,
                                                                         methamphetamine and paraphernalia
  • Alesia Doyle                 (DOB: 12-13-88)        Poss. of a firearm by convicted felon; poss. of Heroin;
                                                                      poss of Meth; poss sch. 4 Tramadol;  poss of sch.
                                                                      2 Amphetamine; poss of sch. 2 Oxycodone; 
                                                                 poss of sch. 2  Morphine; poss of sch. 2 Hydrocodone;
                                                                 poss of sch. 4 Carisprodol; poss of sch.5 Buprenorphine;
                                                                 poss of paraphernalia  

Tuesday’s search netted seizure of: a .35-caliber rifle; 8 grams of meth; 2.3 grams of heroin; 2 grams cannabis; 8 grams hash; 9.5 Amphetamine; 8 Alprazolam,;1 Oxycodone; 2 Tramadol; 3 uprenorphine; 1 Carisprodol; 1 Morphine; 7 Hydrocodone; 1.7 grams cocaine; and 1.25 grams crack-cocaine located throughout the property.

In addition to narcotics charges being levied, Volusia County Code Enforcement and Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officers also were on scene and found multiple environmental law violations. They will follow up with additional charges.

Detectives say the people that frequent this property are responsible for a significant amount of property crimes that take place every day in West Volusia. Tuesday’s arrests will likely have a positive impact on the community and reduce the amount of property crimes in the area.

“I’m very proud of the great work our detectives and all the units did in arresting these criminals,” Sheriff Mike Chitwood said. “Orange City residents can breathe easier knowing these vagrants are behind bars.”

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