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Local Sexual Predators

Individuals featured on this page reside in Volusia County, have been convicted of sex offenses and have been classified by the courts as sexual predators as defined by Florida statutes. The information contained on this page was obtained through public records and is published here to help alert local residents to the presence of sexual predators in their neighborhoods. No one should use this information to harass or pursue individuals listed on this page.

Anyone with information regarding a crime or violation being committed by one of these individuals should call the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office at one of the following numbers

                (386) 248-1777      (386) 736-5999     
                (386) 423-3888      (407) 323-0151

If the crime or offense is actively occurring: Dial 911immediately

If you have information about a crime and would prefer to remain anonymous, you can call Crime Stoppers of Northeast Florida at (888) 277-TIPS and qualify for a reward of up to $1,000.

Note: Florida statutes make it a crime to knowingly distribute or publish false information regarding a sexual offender/predator or to materially alter public records information related to a sexual offender/predator with the intent to misrepresent the information.

Please click on the names or photographs below for more information. (The following files are in pdf format if you need the reader you may download it for free here)

Meshac Abentego

Walter F. Ambrose

Ernest C. Anderson

Donald C. Ashworth

Dennis R Bragg, Jr.

Michael Belloni

Fenton Bowers

Joseph Brashear

Stevie Buckner

Randy Canady

Curtis J. Carlson

Gregory Carter

David E. Clarke

Gary Cottrell

Gerald J. Curry

Sase Cvetanoski

Evers M. Davis

Anthony Digrazia

Randy Doncaster

Robert E. Dragon

Malcom Dreading

Richard Drinkard

Michael C. Edwards

Kyle D. Eustace

John T. Farrell

Scott Flowers

Jesus Galarza

Raymond Gerry

David Gibson

David E. Greene

Ricky Greene

Robert Grundman

Michael Hogg, Sr.

Shawn Holy

David L. Jarvis

Jay L. Kuba

Leo H. Lescarbeau

Terrance Littles

Frank T. Lopinto, Jr

Donald L. Lucas

Daniel K. Madison

Lawrence J. Malouin

Douglas Martin

Kareen McNeal

Anthony Mendez

Robert S. Messer

Timothy A. Miller

Robert Mobley

Kenneth Moore

James W. Morgan

Ivy Gene Moses

Richard L. Near 

Christopher T. O'Leary

Michael Ostrowski

Salvatore Palmieri

Thomas Partlow

Frank T. Peterson

Ernest R. Rainey

Jose M. Ramirez

Mark E. Rhoades

William Robertson

Benigno Rodriguez

Nevis Vanoy Ross

Gerald Roushey

Davor Sabljak

Jack R. Sharples

Arnold Smiley

Hector E. Soto

Wesley Stone

Reginald Streater

Scott E. Suitor

Shawn A. Sullivan

Robert C. Taylor

Sidney K. Tillman

Anthony Timothyn

Donald Viers

Jamaal Ward

David M. Watson

Frederick J. Weiss

Carlton R. Wheeler

Ozzie White

Daniel P. Williams

Scot P. Wilson

Wilson Woodruff

Robert M. Wright

Robert W. York

Wilson R. Young

John S Zielke




Click here for Absconded Sex Offenders

Click here to link to FDLE Sexual Offenders and Predators

Click here to link to the National Sex Offender Registry

Click here for information on the Jessica Lunsford Act

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