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Sheriff Ben Johnson

Chief Deputy Robert Jones

Gary Davidson, Public Information

Lieutenant Jessica Paugh, Internal Affairs

Laura Bounds, Administrative Services

Sandy Shields, Professional Standards

John MacConnell, Legal

(386) 736-5961


Judicial Services
Major Shane Summers

Captain Eric Westfall, Judicial Services

Lieutenant Tom Bertolami, Civil/Extraditions

Lieutenant Tim Johnson, Records/Special Projects

Lieutenant Bryan Barnard,
Court Security/Prisoner Transport

(386) 736-5961

(386) 740-5275

(386) 822-5014

(386) 736-5962

(386) 740-5275


Support Services
Major Jim Melady

John Balloni Communications Director

Mr. Glenn Lopez
Mrs. Debbie Smith, Communications

Chuck Habermehl, Training

Jody Thomas, Evidence

Tim Jolley, Information Technology

(386) 736-5961

(386) 248-1770

(386) 239-6523

(386) 822-6458

(386) 323-3501

Law Enforcement Services
Major Chico Mandizha

Captain Paul Adkins

(386) 736-5961

      District 2 (NW Volusia)
Captain Dave Brannon
Lieutenant George Maddox
Sergeant Garey MacDowell, CID

(386) 943-7866

       District 3 (NE Volusia)
Captain Brian Bosco
Lieutenant Al Pagliari
Sergeant Jim Turner, CID

(386) 323-0151

      District 4 (SW Volusia)
Captain Erik Eagan
Lieutenant Don Taylor
Lieutenant Brian Henderson
Sergeant Pat Leahy, CID
Sergeant Todd Smith, CID

(386) 860-7030

      District 5 (SE Volusia)
Captain Charles Brown
Lieutenant Tim Morgan
Sergeant Richard Fortin, CID
(386) 423-3301

      District 6 (DeBary)
Captain Ray Almodovar
Lieutenant Michelle Newman
Sergeant Virgil Ford, CID

(386) 860-7030

      Investigative Services
Captain Paul Kammerer
Lieutenant Joe Gallagher
Lieutenant Bobby Goggin
Lieutenant Jim Morgan

(386) 254-1537

      Special Services
Captain Eric Dietrich
Lieutenant Tim Quigley

(386) 736-5333
      Technical Services
(386) 258-4053
      PAL/School Crossing Guards
Lieutenant James Day
(386) 943-7866

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